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We have had some bureaucratic problems this year and consequently it is no longer possible to book to stay with us via AirBnb or Naturehouse.  Visiting is not impossible however, if you wish to do so simply get in touch and I'll explain the situation and  availability.

What are these problems? This place and this house are just as beautiful as ever, and my work over the past 30 years has done nothing other than take what was an already beautiful place and make it more so. 

Unfortunately though, the bureaucracies of the modern world  struggle to cope with the fact that I did all this work by myself, and so we are missing a vital piece of paper which would allow us to carry on as before.  The infamous Italian bureaucracy strikes again!

It will take some time to sort this out, but if in the meantime you would really like to come we would certainly be pleased to welcome you!


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