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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Who came last year and had to unexpectedly leave after only 2 nights but who enjoyed a nice long stay this year.

So glad you came back and we got to celebrate your 40th birthday with you Hugo!

Thanks for the lovely painted stones Hedy!

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Dear Lucia & Alan

Thanks for welcoming us to this magnificent place, giving us your tomatoes, plums, and blackberries which will make us grow big.

In your pool we learned to swim without our arm-bands and your sweet animals have kept us company making us love animals even more.

We have seen some wonderful places which we won’t remember the names of but they will contribute to keeping alive our curiosity and desire to learn.

Your life-stile helps us understand that another world is possible if we all want it.

Hope to see you in Prato!

Thanks for everything!

Petra (4) & Ada (3)

(and Scilla and Tommaso too!)

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